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Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Stolen Lake - Joan Aiken

I apologize about the very badly taken homemade pic, but I wanted you to see the cover picture by Edward Gorey on my copy. I couldn't find one online. This was a compulsive reread, I just love this story. My grandmother gave it to me years ago on some occasion, my birthday or Christmas. She had a distinctive all capitalized handwriting.

Sadly, it's the only Dido Twite novel I've read. I've always meant to read the whole series of the Wolves Chronicles (The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, Black Hearts in Battersea, and Nightbirds on Nantucket) but haven't yet. Someday! Dido's a very lovable character. This story involves various people she's adventuring with, little cats and a big cat, and Queen Ginevra (Guinevere) of the land of New Cumbria as the villian. I'm going to leave you with some quoted reviews and whatever your age, I highly recommend this book.

"A larky adventure story that boasts a free and spirited adaptation of Arthurian legend and a generous supply of menace and chills." - Kirkus Reviews

"Dido Twite is back again and what a treat! There is enough material in the book to provide a lesser author with years of work; Joan Aiken's uniqueness lies in her imagination and in the breathless quality of her storytelling." - The Horn Book

"Satisfies, with or without knowledge of the previous books in which Dido appears, and it offers many of the same pleasures as Raiders of the Lost Ark and Excalibur." - School Library Journal

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