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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life in Medieval Times-Marjorie Rowling

Okay, before I can concentrate on anything else I have to share something with you. THIS recipe. Jhenn, you are a genius and thank you for sharing this. These make a great snack to go with hot tea or homemade tomato soup while you're enjoying your book. And now...for the latest book. I found this in the dollar bin of Half Price Books while I was living in Dayton, Ohio a few years ago and had never gotten around to reading it. So now is a great time since I'm working on Medieval Bookworm's challenge. It's a quick overview of the daily lives of medieval men and women of various classes, professions, and interests. Pretty straightforward. I'm enjoying how structured her writing is; each chapter is broken down into a specific set of people and gives you the basic rundown. It reads pretty smoothly, with the occasional sketch or drawing to illustrate a point. Enjoyable, with a great chronology and bibliography. Geez, I sound like I'm at a wine tasting or something.

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