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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Language Older Than Words-Derrick Jensen

This is some seriously heavy, insightful honesty. This book has been on my mental reading list for almost three years, what the hell took me so long?! It really is brutally honest, and while I love it, it's a lot to look in the face. I had to wake up Deedee the Grumpelupigus to give her a beep on the nose to cheer myself up after the last chapter. Want to try it? It'll make you smile. Go ahead, beep the Grump's nose.

Thank you, Mr. Jensen. You are a wise one. I was afraid I was going crazy too, until I read your book. (As I write this, I'm being nudged on the leg by an elderly houserabbit with a huge sweet tooth, begging for a bite of trail mix. Communication at a very simple level, but interspecies communication nontheless. Her favorite part of the mix is the dried bananas.) Just so you know, I picked up on the irony of my earlier post, when I compared your book to money burning a hole in my pocket. *AHEM*

(I coincidentally came across this article earlier today, and it upset me so much I was really glad to be reading this book at the same time, it helped to give me some perspective. This incident is sad on so many levels, I didn't know which to cry for first. The obvious fear and anger on both sides of this situation are horrifying. That an elephant mother killed a human mother and her child...who know's what the real full story is? Why could this have happened, has she lost other babies to poachers before? Was she acting out of rage and frustration against human people who've hurt her before? Wouldn't the human mother who was killed have killed the elephant in defense of her own child, if she'd been able? You have to ask yourself, what brought this situation about, what made it possible? What can we do to make sure this doesn't happen again? I'm currently digging through the web for more information on this story. I'll share it with you if I find anything.)

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