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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Met Marc

Wow, time goes by way too fast. I've been doing a lot of reading and some random writing, but not a lot of blogging. Oh, and I got to hear Marc Bekoff speak at the Erie Library last week! (The lecture was called The Emotional Lives of Dogs and other Animals.) What a character. I was crazy happy to shake his hand and get my copy of The Ten Trusts signed, and I think he saw the hero worship in my eyes. He teased me, said now I just had to get Jane Goodall to sign it too. Spot on Marc, introduce us please!

Well, I was really looking forward to hearing Kate Solisti speak tonight at the Carbon Valley Regional Library. But fate had other plans. I had a hell of a time finding the place! AND I had the wrong time anyway! But fate wasn't in a totally bad mood. I did get to briefly meet Kate and shake her hand. And the librarian could tell I was super disappointed and gave me a copy of Garth Stein's novel, the focus of the lecture series. I can't wait to read it, I've heard nothing but good things. And the story is in the point of view of the family dog. Makes me think of Harold from Bunnicula...

Garth's a cutie, isn't he?


  1. I rave about "Ten Trusts" and often reference it in speech and even my classes. In fact, when I read it years ago I took meticulous notes on anything that I found curious, and then spent 3 days almost solid on the internet sleuthing for more information on those notes. What an education!!! Both Marc and Jane have some phenomenal books out with provoking insights on Nature and Culture. Yep, I salute your choice in reading :)))) And thanks for your appreciation of my blog, Ethnoscopes :D

    1. So sorry for the long silence. Haha, I completely geeked out when I met Marc.


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